FAQ: Paper Types & Weights

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FAQ: Paper Types & Weights

What types of papers do you use?

We use 2 types of paper. One is Hahnemühle German Etching papers with 310gsm. Another one is enhanced matte art paper with 200gsm.

Does Paper Weight Matter?

Paper weight is measured in gsm (grams per square meter) and determines the thickness and sturdiness of the paper. However, you don’t need to be overly concerned about the weight because we ensure they are suitable for professional printing.

Artists typically prefer heavier paper due to its ability to provide rigidity and a more substantial tactile experience. When creating large prints for display, a higher gsm (grams per square meter) is also preferable as it facilitates easier mounting.

Here is a breakdown of various gsm levels:

  • 60-100gsm: This range denotes the standard weight commonly used for household print paper, ideal for regular A4 printing.
  • 110-140gsm: Found in traditional poster papers, this weight offers durability that can withstand some wear and tear. However, it is considered too thin for fine art prints and is often utilized for flyers and posters.
  • 170-200gsm: Falling within this range is a more substantial and robust paper, serving as the recommended minimum for fine art prints.
  • 210-300gsm: This weight range represents premium fine art paper. It possesses a tactile feel and slightly more rigidity while maintaining a degree of flexibility.
  • 310-400gsm: These weights indicate significantly thicker paper akin to cardstock. You may encounter this weight in products like greetings cards and wedding invitations. The fine art papers with these weights provide a premium, heavyweight paper that faithfully replicates the appearance and feel of original artwork.

What is Hahnemühle German Etching paper

Hahnemühle German Etching is a traditional paper used for copperplate printing, and it has been specifically coated for inkjet printing applications in the realm of Fine Art. This paper, made from 100% alpha cellulose, possesses a unique and velvety texture that is both tactile and visually appealing. The surface structure of the paper is clearly defined, resembling felt. This distinctive texture adds a special element to images, allowing them to be showcased with remarkable depth and a three-dimensional effect.

The inkjet coating applied to the paper ensures exceptional print results, capturing colors and details with precision, delivering deep blacks, and optimizing contrasts. Hahnemühle German Etching is free from acid and lignin, meeting the highest standards for longevity. With its substantial weight, this Fine Art inkjet paper has gained significant popularity for Fine Art prints and art reproductions due to its characteristic texture and tactile feel.

Characteristics of Hahnemühle German Etching paper

  • 310 gsm, 100% α-cellulose
  • White
  • Clearly defined felt structure
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance

What is enhanced matte art paper?

Enhanced matte art paper made from alpha cellulose featuring a clean and smooth surface, providing a premium look and feel. The paper’s exceptional quality makes it an excellent choice for large, vibrant graphics or illustrations, as it ensures consistency and optimal results.

With its matte finish, enhanced matte art paper enhances the various highlights and tones present in the original artwork, resulting in captivating and visually striking pieces of art. The smooth texture and clean appearance contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the prints, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the finished product.

Our enhanced matte art paper provides an exceptional blend of superior quality, competitive pricing, extensive coverage, and utmost customer satisfaction. With our enhanced matte art paper, you gain access to the finest fine art paper of the highest quality at an affordable price.


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