FAQ: Mounts, Glazes & Frames

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FAQ: Mounts, Glazes and Frames


What is mount

A mount refers to a decorative border or mat that surrounds and enhances a piece of art. A mount creates a window around the print.

What are the size of the mounts (mats) for mounted and framed prints?

Mount size depends on the size of the frame.

Frames that are 25.4×25.4cm/ 10×10” or below have a mount with 2.54cm/1” width.

Frames that are 27.9×35.6cm/ 11×14” or below have a mount with 3.81cm/1.5” width.

Frames that are 30.5×40.6cm/ 12×16” or above have a mount with 5.08cm/ 2” width.


What is glaze and what material is used for your glazes?

Glaze refers to the transparent or translucent material that is used to cover and protect the artwork. Our glaze is made of plexiglass or Perspex and is placed in front of the artwork within a frame or display case.


Is the listed size for frames referring to the overall dimensions?

No, the size listed for each frame specifically indicates the size of the glaze and does not include the width of the frame. To clarify, if we take A5 prints as an example, those without a mount will perfectly fit an A5-sized glaze, while prints with a mount will be slightly smaller than A5 to accommodate the opening of the mount window.

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